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MinistryTxt started out as a ministry tool for my church's youth ministry. Other churches in the area began to notice and asked if they could use it. So I allowed them to start using it and the need became obvious. They were using it for their choir, student ministries and weather alerts along with many other creative uses.

God blessed the website and I have been expanding it ever since. I am thankful to be able to use what God has blessed me with to support other ministries such as Compassion International and Charity Water.

Church Text Messaging is used for youth groups, choirs, weather alerts, devotionals and more.

The rise of text messaging
Text messaging is one of the most popular methods of communication in the world. A cell phone and text messaging plan are much cheaper than a computer and broadband connection. This is all without even taking teenagers into the equation, when you take them into account itís easy to see why text messaging is on the rise. Most teens send thousands of text messages each month, with unlimited messaging plans they keep their phone with them at all times. If Iím honest I have mine with me pretty much all the time as well.

Texting is more convenient than email
Email is actually too much of hassle for teens and many adults now days. You have to be at a computer and you have to log in and sort through your spam. With text messaging you just receive the message that you need with no extra effort.

Before the rise of Twitter, texting was the original short-form messaging art, with participants in every age demographic. Even as smartphones (with e-mail and web capabilities) become more popular, SMS remains the baseline of mobile digital communication, and permeates nearly every social group.
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